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06 July 2014 @ 03:59 pm
Ask the Maker is currently happening (you can find my thread here), and I've already finished the first of three parts of my q&a. It is going to go up right after this, but first I had a few resources to throw your way that go along with the first part. I have for you guys: a) a mini texture set with 10 200x200 light textures and b) a .psd because they are outlawed from AtM posts so I couldn't put it in the actual guide. The .psd file in question is explained within the guide, but I added a few extra steps so I figured, as it was a pretty straightforward icon, I'd share the .psd file with you guys even though I never do that.


02 July 2014 @ 12:26 pm
75 icons from Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, Hannibal, Babylon 5, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Community, Elementary, The West Wing, Little Mix, Animation (including Hercules, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Frozen, and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX).

Fair Warning: There's a lot of purple. Like...a lot.Collapse )


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